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Sonic high school part one

Sapphire: Wanna stop shouting?
Me: SO Sapphire which boy do you want perving on you in this fanfic >: D
Sapphire: Wait what?!

Sapphires P.O.V

Walking through the big entrance doors into the building,it is my first day of high school today and to be honest.....I think im screwed,people were chatting in the hall ways until they saw me,then they started to stare at me and whisper to each other "crap" I thought " I hate it when people stare at me like this,but I wonder what there talking about" Before I could figure out what people were staring at me for I saw a blue blur rush towards me,standing in front of me nearly giving me a heart attack,I fell to the floor in shock and everyone stared to get concerned,I rubbed my head and looked up at the blue hedgehog,he grinned at me and put his hand out to me.
Sonic: Heheh sorry about that,Names Sonic I take it your Sapphire?
I looked at him blankly "How the hell?" He looked back at me and chuckled
Sonic: You gonna stay on the floor all day? Cmon lets walk and talk
I could see that the boys were glaring at Sonic in a jealous way along with the girls staring at ME in a jealous way "Shit this is bad" I slapped his hand away and got up,People started to whisper loudly and look at me weirdly "This is not the best first impression" I decided to walk away from the situation and walk to my first class
Sapphire: Huh room 403? this must be it
I walked in and saw a art teacher demoing a technique of art,he looked up at me and smiled,he stood up and began to spoke.
Mr tanashi: Well hello there,you must be Sapphire I presume? Come on over Im just about to show the class about hyper realism. Now can anyone name a hyper realist?
The class room looked blank expect for me,I didn't want to admit it but I knew alot about art already but I never talked about it,since the class looked blank I put my hand up,sir smiled at me and spoke
Mr Tanashi: Yes Sapphire?
Sapphire: Ummmm Paul cadden,Simon Hennessey,Denis Peterson,Robert Bechtle and Jason de Graaf.
Sir looked at me blankly along with the rest of the class,I thought for a second whether that was the right thing to say damn I hope I don't look like a show off,sir looked at me and smiled very happily.
Mr Tanashi: Well you certainly know your stuff Sapphire,tell me have you ever done hyper realism before?
I dared not to answer,I just stood there looking like a complete idiot until a pink girl in a red dress pushed me forward and spoke
Amy: Come on show us your stuff new girl!
The other girls laughed,I knew at this point I wasn't going to be very popular with the girls but I never really was I always preferred hanging out with boys anyway,Sir looked at Amy angrily
Mr Tanashi: Miss rose she does have a name and I think that you should use it instead of saying new girl and if she does not want to show the class she doesn't have to
Wow I instantly like this teacher,he was better then my other one, I sat down and started to draw about five minutes later I completed a perfect picture of the whole class,they all started at me blankly again until all the boys started to clap along with Mr Tanashi,most of the girls clapped to accept for Amy's gang,they just glared at me evilly,I saw a black hedgehog at the end of the room with stripes admiring my work,I looked down embarrassed,sir put his hand on my shoulder
Mr Tanashi: Well looks like we have a special talent in the room
Boys: And a hot one to!!
They all started to laugh but my eyes just shrunk,Yet again I am now less popular with the girls.
Mr Tanashi: OK OK settle down lets get down to work,your task is to do a self portrait of yourself's from the photos we took,now get to work class.
And with that everyone sat down at their desks,Sir saw that I REALLY did not want to go with the girls so he sat me down on a boys table next to the black hedgehog that was admiring my work from before,he gave me a photo of myself and a art book.
Mr Tanashi: Don't worry if you get any trouble just talk to me OK? Do you understand what to do?
Sapphire: Yes sir
And with that sir left and checked up on the rest of the class,the black hedgehog got straight to work were the other hedgehogs were chatting not bothering with anything,Like my partner next to me I just got straight to my work,I could see that he gave me a few glances before retreating and going back to his work,I peeked over to see a REALLY amazing art work that he was producing.
Sapphire: Wow Thats amazing do you like art then?
???: Yes its something I've been into for years how about you? you seem like a professional
Sapphire: Not really many other people are way better then me,names Sapphire and you?
Shadow: Shadow...
Sapphire: Nice to meet you Shadow.
I smiled at him,he gave a little smiled back before he got hit in the head by a spitball by one of the boys across the table
???: HEY EMO HOG stop talking to the hot chick shes way out of your league come on over here babe sit next to a real hedgehog!
Sapphire: How about no,I don't do hedgehogs with small brain cells and not alot of common sense
All the other boys cussed him while he started to shout at them to shut up,Shadow turned around to look at me with a weird expression,I started to get back to my work while talking.
Sapphire: Bloody hate jerks like that,they always pick on people who have more balls then themselves
Shadow: Heh...
Sapphire: What?
Shadow: Hes the most popular guy in the school and you just turned him down,its funny
Sapphire: Hes the most popular guy?! my god whats wrong with this school
Shadow: Its not the school,its the people oh by the way Amy's trying to find a weak spot on you because you dissed Sonic this morning.
Sapphire: Whos Sonic?
Shadow: The blue faker who made you trip by accident this morning,has a cocky attitude?
Sapphire: Oh him,He shouldn't of tripped me up,by the way how do people know my name?
Shadow: Your kinda a hero here we all know about you saving your zone from the demons and defeating the dark king himself with your bare hands and I must say..
Sapphire: What?
Shadow: Your full of surprises aren't you?
Sapphire: What do you mean by that?
Shadow: You saved a whole zone from something stronger than chaos itself and yet you don't boast or talk about it
Sapphire: Because I did it for justice not for honor
I got tapped on the shoulder,I turned around to see it was Amy,I froze in my spot when Shadow just kept his head down into the work
Amy: Hey new girl I need some more materials can I borrow some of yours?
Sapphire: What are you really here for?
Amy: Awww come on no hard feelings right?
She growled silently and walked back into her seat,the bell rang and everyone stood up and walked out,me and Shadow handed our finished work to sir were the rest of the class just stood there silently
Mr Tanashi: Well expect for Shadow and Sapphire the rest of you have homework to do this by tommorow if not then it will be detention!
the class groaned except for me and Shadow, sir looked over at us and smiled as we walked out of the class room to the next lesson

4 hours later

Finally its lunch time after having English,maths and P.E,I walked over to the oak tree in the middle of the hanging grounds,perfect this looks like a great spot where no one will bother me,I sat down and started to read my favorite book death note even though it was a manga I loved everything about it,around about five minutes of reading I got disturbed by a green hedgehog sitting down next to me wrapping his arms around my shoulders,he looked alot like Sonic expect he was green with blue eyes and he had shades and a black jacket on,he grinned at me and pulled me closer to him.
???: Hey babe how would you like to hang out with the most handsome hedgehog in the whole school
Sapphire: I've seen better now can you leave me alone?
???: OOO feisty aren't we hey what are you reading?
He grabbed the book off me before I could stand up,I tried to get it back but he was quicker then me
???: Anime fan are we? Isn't that cute,like you or should I say sexy instead
He grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer to him,I tried to get him of but after fighting the dark king it would take at least 30 years to get my full power back so I was outmatched,I saw a blue blur punching the green hedgehog of me and everyone gasping in the background,he pulled me up and grabbed my arm pulling me away
Sapphire: Wait what the hell?!!
We were on the other side of the school in like five minutes,damn this guy was fast I mean REALLY fast,the blue one let me go finally and looked at me
Sonic: Are you OK? I mean he didn't hurt you did he?
Sapphire: Im fine aww crap hes still got my book,oh well oh and sorry for the bad introduction this morning im Sapphire
Sonic: Sonic pleased to meet you,I guess you must of been stressed after that fight with the dark king
Sapphire: Guess you can say that who was that guy anyway and why are all the guys flirting with me -.-
Sonic: That was Scourge,hes the anti version of me from a different zone and all the guys think that your fit with the personality and the background they all think that if they date you they will suddenly become popular
Sapphire: OK...So im eye candy to all the guys then?
Sonic: Pretty much
Sapphire: Hey aren't you part of the freedom fighters?
Sonic: How did you know that?
Sapphire: I knew your brother Manic,he worked with me with the free runners
Sonic: You know Manic?
Sapphire: Yeah we were best friends
Amy: SONNIKU!!!!
Sonic turned around and gave an annoyed sigh as he saw the pink hedgehog run towards and hug him,she looked up and saw me there and glared at me like usual
Amy: What are you doing with new girl?
Sonic: She has a name and we were only chatting
Amy: So you think you can try and take my Sonniku huh?
Sapphire: WHAT?!
Amy: You messed with the wrong girl!!!!
And with that she got her GIANT hammer out and started to swing it at me
Amy: LIER!!!
Amy was suddenly stopped by a green light around her as I saw in the back ground a white hedgehog holding his hand out concentrating very hardly
???: Calm down Amy!!! She and Sonic were just talking or are you just jealous because Sonic didn't run away from her?
Amy started to shout and swear at the white hedgehog as he chuckled,I looked blankly IS HE TRYING TO KILL ME?! He carried her down and took her somewhere else
???: Come on lets calm you down OK?
Silver: Not until you calm down and apologize to her
I just basically ran away from the crazy people along with Sonic,besides it was the end of lunch anyway well that was certainly a weird first lunch time

End of school

Finally it was over,the most crazy day of my life,I guess it is true what they say,high school is the hardest thing in life,as I was walking down the hallway I saw Sonic running up to me with a smile on his face
Sonic: Here look what I got back
He handed over my book back,I looked up at him confused and took it slowly not knowing why he was being so kind
Sapphire: Ummm thanks...
Sonic: No problem,hey were are you staying now days?
Sapphire: Oh...I live on my own now..
Sonic: Want to come over to mine for a bit?
Everyone stopped talking and stared at us,I started to blush faintly and look at the floor what is this guys problem?! is he trying to embarrass me!!!
Sapphire: Errr...s-sorry I have things to do maybe next time bye!!
With that I ran down the corridor as fast as I could as he shouted back to me
I just kept running as people stared at me,As I bursted through the entrance doors and started to walk home "I hope tommorow will be better then today" was my last thought before the day ended guess this is my new life from now on

Hey guys! Hope you like the first chapter of the new fanfic im doing tell me what you think in the comments!
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chocoletbanana Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
For some reson this reminds me of a song called 'high school never ends'
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Absolutely wonderful
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